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Hymie!'s Cats

Rascal Rascal is friendly, but on his own terms. He will come up and rub you on the leg and maybe let you pet him on the head. He might swat at you if he decides he doesn't feel like being petted, but he'll still rub your leg. He does not want to be held or picked up. He doesn't usually scratch, but he does have claws. Rascal does not like children.

Rascal has a favorite toy, a laser pointer. He will very happily chase it for as long as you're willing to join him. Don't think that he'll like you any more if you do.

You can let him out if he stands by the door and paces. You can let him in if he scratches at the door.

Rascal will probably hide upstairs or outside if too many people are around.

Baxter joined our family in June 2009. He is a double-wide and has no front claws. He doesn't like big crowds, loud noises, or fast movements... but he'll usually come over and say "hi" if you sit still and hold out your hand. We have a brush that he likes. (Use the wire side, it's easier to clean.) He has a coarse "tortoise-shell" coat with a white belly. He looks a lot like Sweetums (if you've seen her) but bigger, with more white and with a rounder face and body. Baxter

Sweetums Sweetums (the "Mythical Third Cat") is our Scardey cat. She will most likely stay in the master bedroom, on or under the bed, for the entire weekend. But you may see her sitting on the steps if it's quiet in the evenings, or she will venture downstairs when she needs food and/or litter.

Don't try to pet her. She'll run away. It's not personal. She has lived with me since 1996, and will only occasionaly allow me to walk up to her and pet her... and even then, she runs away soon after.

She suffers from asthma, and you may hear her coughing. When I can catch her, I give her medicine.

Sweetums is named after the Muppet.


1997? - 1 Mar 2009